Ninjahero.com is your number one choice for internet entertainment.
Over the last seven years Ninjahero Studios has produced several radio shows,

 animated specials, and two live action Internet series;

The Chronicles of Zombia and the Barnacle Ads. More shows are in the works.
Please check out the links below for more information.

Chronicles of Zombia
Ninjahero Studios is proud to present a zombie apocalypse comedy so intense, you can't even count the zombies! Hardcore survivalist Jack Slade is riding out the end of the world when two unexpected guests start cramping his style. Persistent optimist and nerdy biologist Will is determined to find the bright side in every situation, while the sex-crazed receptionist Trudy finds her frustration growing as her advances are thwarted at every turn. Can these three co-exist with zombies roaming just outside the door? Will they kill each other before the zombies kill them?

Barnacle Ads
Ninjahero Studios has teamed up with Gravel Road Entertainment in order to bring you Barnacle Ads. The Barnacle Agency is a spoof-advertising firm where two friends struggle to make quality commercials on a limited budget. Thanks to their wacky clients, the results will leave you laughing. Check out the Barnacle Ads on YouTube now. 

NinjaHero Toons
Ninjahero is best known for their toon Heroes of Holiday. They are currently working on CopNinjaa, Super Jesus and his Amazing Friends series, and Karate Koi.

G.H.O.S.T. Teams
Bobby’s current novel series, G.H.O.S.T. Teams is available now on Amazon. You can check out the first two books of this highly rated series here, with Book 3 coming early next year. 

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